Connections: BFM Fittings

BFM® Fittings: Revolutionary Snap-In Connectors and Spigots

Trusted by the world’s largest food, chemical, and pharmaceutical companies, BFM® Fittings help to improve the health and safety of plant employees by keeping their manufacturing facilities dust-free, while reducing downtime with quick change-outs.

An extensive Product Line for a multitude of applications, ARL Products provides

Non-Breathable Connectors – primarily made of Polyurethane:

  • Seeflex 020E (transparent)
  • Seeflex 040E (transparent)
  • Seeflex 040AS(transparent with anti-static infusion)
  • Flexi (transparent with 316 stainless steel inner wire coil)
  • Camlon (white polyester fabric with E-PVC coating)

Breathable Connectors and Covers – made of fabric:

  • LM3 (100% woven polypropylene, white)
  • LM4 (100% woven polyester, white)
  • Teflex (woven Teflon/PTFE, dark brown)
  • FM1 Breather (100% polyester, multi-filliment, scrim-supported needle felt, white)
  • Kevlar Cover (100% woven Kevlar -Aramid- yellow)
  • Black-Out Cover (100% woven polypropylene, black) designed to slip over existing fittings for light-sensitive applications using simple butterfly mechanisms (no tools required.)

For detail regarding the product specifications, and/or to obtain a .pdf download, please see the summary here.

The benefits of ARL Products’ BFM® Fittings are many.  Some of the highlights include:

  • Ensures sanitary connections between all your process equipment
  • The BFM®Fitting is resistant to over-pressure incidents, protecting plant personnel
  • Improved Plant Efficiency with snap together fitting and spigots: no tools required!
  • Longer lasting than traditional hose and clamp assemblies because there are no wear points
  • Completely customizable to your process pipe dimensions and can be retrofitted into existing systems

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