Ultrasonic Process Measuring, Solids Flow, Level and Control

Global Technology Systems’ product line offers microwave solids flowmeters for free-falling materials after mechanical conveying or for dilute and dense phase pneumatic, and air slide conveying. This microwave technology measures fields produced in the metallic pipe; this energy is reflected by the particles and detected by the sensor. The selective frequency involved only assesses moving particles- disregarding build-up and deposits. SolidFlow, MaxxFlow, DensFlow, and ClampFlow comprise Global’s ultrasonic Solids Flow Meter line.

Global Technology’s product line includes 3D Level/Volume, Flow – No Flow, and other ultrasonic measurement devices, including M-Sens 2, their continuous moisture measurement of solids tool that is modest in design and calibration. This part performs admirably no matter how it is mounted.

Ultrasonic Measuring for Industrial & Dry Bulk Handling

Advanced Process Systems carries the following ultrasonic measuring equipment from Global Technology:

  • 3D Level/Volume
  • Flow / No Flow
  • Solids Flow Meter
  • Moisture Measurement

Applications of these products include:

  • Continuous Ambient Air Dust Monitoring
  • Dust Emission
  • Broken Bag Detection
  • Material Flow or Jam or Stoppage
  • Non-intrusive Radar Barrier- even in difficult conditions
  • Average Volume Bulk Storage Detector (for small silos 13-16′ dia x 230′)
  • Nearly all industrial dry, bulk handling applications

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