Improve Processing & Handling With Magnet Selection

Founded in 1994, Puritan Magnetics is focused on educating customers about the benefits of accurate magnet selection and then, optimal placement – typically where incoming ingredients are being introduced into the process.

Proper magnet selection involves not only the type of magnet but choosing the ideal magnet material for the application is critical to performance. Puritan Magnetics offer a wide range of magnetic separation solutions including:

How about cleaning? Puritan Magnetics offers manual, EZ Clean, and POW-R Clean solutions that enhance product quality. Another comprehensive area of their expertise is material handling equipment. You can learn more about their products and capabilities on their website or their YouTube channel.

How Magnet Selection Works

A magnetic separator’s main function is to confine and eliminate “Tramp Metal.” Tramp metal can be fine as in metal dust or filings,medium such as bolts or pieces of grinding blades, and large as in pieces of bar stock or broken parts. Multiple magnet solutions mean you can position the equipment strategically — after process equipment (that is prone to breakdown) or before process machinery to protect the equipment. This preserves the quality of the processed product, too.

Finally, magnetic separators placed in the packaging / shipping area will insure customers receive products free of unwanted metals.

Add Magnet Selection to Your Operations
Advanced Process Systems can connect you with the magnetic separation equipment and handling solutions your operation needs for improved efficiency and quality. We carry the following products:

  • Plate & Grate Magnets
  • E-Z CLEAN Drawer Magnets
  • Overhead Belt Magnets
  • Convey Line Bullet Magnets

Applications of these products include:

  • Cereal
  • Chemical
  • Grain & Feed
  • Minerals
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Plastics
  • Recycled Products
  • Salt

For more information on how magnet selection can improve ingredient, pharmaceutical, and chemical processing among other applications, contact Advanced Process Systems at 913-732-4100 or [email protected].

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