Conveying: Pneumatic Parts and Components

Automated Ingredient Systems has been providing a variety of pneumatic solutions for your specific application since 1997.

Solutions such as:

  • Dilute Phase – high volume, high-velocity air to move materials that are not fragile or abrasive
  • Pressure -uses a motive air source to generate positive pressure that pushes material to its ultimate destination
  • Vacuum- uses a motive air source to generate negative pressure in a conveying line that will draw the material into a receiving vessel
  • Dense Phase- uses low volume, high pressure or vacuum air to transport materials
  • Semi-dense phase – a method of conveying that combines elements of dilute and dense phase vacuum conveying.

APS Customer Applications include:

  • Agricultural
  • Battery
  • Chemical
  • Food processing
  • Grain & feed
  • Metals
  • Pet Food
  • Packaging
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Plastics

And more…

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