Russell Finex Equipment for Sifting, Screening, & Separating

Russell Finex, established in London in 1934, has become a global leader in fine mesh separation technology. They design and manufacture Check Screeners, Grading Sieves, Ultrasonic Sieve Deblinding Systems, and more, providing all necessary validation documentation.

Learn more about the sifting, screening, and separation equipment we carry to find the best solution for your processing needs by visiting Russell Finex’s YouTube channel or reading more below.

Separation, Sifting, & Screening Equipment

Separation technology has been revolutionized by the Russel Finex vibratory separators that accurately grade, scalp and size up to five fractions in one operation. The Finex Separator™ comes in 30″, 40″, 48″ and 60″ and can handle any of your throughput requirements. Their “cascade system” can increase capacity up to 70% compared to ordinary separators of the same diameter.

The Russell Compact Sieve® is just one of several vibratory sifting products designed to remove any oversize impurities and is the ultimate in high capacity screening of powders. Customization is easy with a variety of sizes and options for a unit that immediately delivers a shorter footprint, easily fitting into cramped production lines.

Only the finest of high quality stainless steel mesh is used by Russell Finex. The reasons are simple: enhanced accuracy, improved productivity, and longer life.

Available Sifting Equipment

Advanced Process Systems is proud to carry the following Russel Finex equipment:

  • Compact Vibratory Screener
  • Pneumatic In-Line Screeners
  • Bag Dump Screeners
  • Vibrasonic Sieve Cleaning

Applications of sifting, separating, and screening products can include:

  • Chemical
  • Food Processing
  • Metal Powders
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Recycling

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