Conveying: Flexible Screw, Tubular Drag, Bag Dump Stations by Hapman

In 1945, Mechanical Engineer Henry Hapman, employed by a Toledo, Ohio battery plant, realized that the automotive industry would need to retool after WWII.

He hired a Chief Engineer and developed the industry’s first fully enclosed mass flow conveyor. Purchasing a boiler company in Kalamazoo, Michigan and moving operations there, Hapman solved the dilemma of being able to make bends and 90° turns in the tubular conveyor.

Types of Hapman Conveyors

Hapman Flexible Screw Conveyor
Hapman’s flexible screw conveyor has conveyed powders, crystals, flakes, granules, and more – for decades. This type of conveyor can be used horizontally, vertically, or in degreed bends, for batch, intermittent or continuous conveying.

Hapman Helix©
The Hapman Helix® was designed to provide a fast ship option of this versatile unit that is robust and reliable, and simple to clean for auger change-outs. They offer a variety of models, options, and configurations for applications from industrial materials processing to dry food processing without dehydration.

Hapman Tubular Drag Conveyor
Hapman’s Tubular Drag Conveyor offers dust free conveying. For products ranging from sugar to soda ash, soy pellets to gravel, almonds to reclaimed gypsum, Hapman’s Tubular Drag allows you to install numerous inlets and discharge points. This is particularly useful when plant space is at a premium.

Their Tubular Drag utilizes a longer wearing chain vs. cable to move material dependably and continuously. Hapman’s design is low maintenance, uses low horsepower, and provides 100% discharge.

How Can You Plant Use Hapman Products?

Hapman’s Ideas That Move™ reflect a broad product line that includes En Masse Drag Conveyors and Bag Compactors. Advanced Process Systems proudly carries the following Hapman products:

  • Flexible Helix® Conveyors
  • Tubular Drag Conveyors
  • Bulk Bag Dischargers/Fillers
  • Feeders & Solidquid™ Liquid Delivery System
  • Bag Dump Stations/Compactors

APS customers have used Hapman products in the following applications:

  • Chemical
  • Food
  • Minerals
  • Plastics
  • Research Animal

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