Conveying Solutions: Piab Vacuum Conveyors for Powder & Bulk

More than 60 years ago, a product was developed to streamline the work for designers and draftsmen. It was a drawing compass and from that modest beginning, a company known as Pi (3.14) AB or as they are known today, Piab, was born. Within ten years, Piab had designed and manufactured the first of many inventive vacuum products and conveying solutions.

Conveying Products for Food & Pharmaceutical Processing

Today, Piab is known throughout the world for innovative vacuum solutions that have forever altered powder and dry bulk transport. Critical applications such as food or pharmaceutical processing have strict sanitary and safety concerns; concerns Piab addresses in the design and manufacture of their vacuum conveying systems, such as the piFLOW®p, and piFLOW®f. (These reflect their premium and food grade models, respectively.)

There is also a piFLOW®i for industrial applications. Customers with earlier model C conveyors can purchase kits to upgrade to the piFLOW®p conveyor.

Piab also offers a variety of vacuum pumps, suction cups and other related accessories.

Add responsive customer service, an impressive list of FAQs, white papers, manuals, videos, and other product support options, and you obtain all the information you could want about Piab’s innovative conveying solutions.

How Can You Use Piab’s Vacuum Conveying Products?

Advanced Process Systems carries Piab’s Industrial piFLOW® and Sanitary piFLOW® Vacuum Conveying equipment, Vacuum System Components, and Vacuum Accessories. These products can be used in the following applications:

  • Food Processing
  • Industrial (such as diecasting, packaging form fill seal)
  • Metalworking operations
  • Plastics (including pellet transfer for injection molding)
  • Pharmaceutical

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