Find the Right Mixer, Blender, or Dryer by Scott Equipment

Scott Equipment has spent over 45 years perfecting their line of mixers and dryers, supporting their “Built to Last” slogan. Manufactured in mild, or stainless steel, Scott also offers sanitary finishes that meet 3A dairy standards.

Made in 1 to 1500 cubic foot capacities, these custom mixers are available in 6 different agitator designs with drive assemblies that meet a minimum of AGMA Class II.

Mixer, Blender, & Dryer Types

Need batch cycle times as low as 90 seconds? Combine the mixer with the Scott Surge Hopper, designed with the appropriate conveyor extension for your application.

The Scott Tender Blend continuous process mixer easily handles larger particulates such as pellets, (think plastic injection molding) whole grain or flakes- products that require a gentler blending in order to preserve intended shapes and textures.

The patented Scott Turbo Separator is an invaluable piece of machinery for the recycling industry. Designed to recover organic materials from packaging for industrial waste recycling; materials become green energy, producing a 99% pure organic stream.

Available Dryers, Mixers, & Blenders
Advanced Process Systems carries the following dryers, mixers, and blenders by Scott Equipment:

  • Paddle and Plow Mixers
  • Ribbon Mixers
  • Continuous Mixers
  • AST Dryers
  • Size Reduction

These components address a range of industrial needs, including:

  • Chemical
  • Grain and Feed
  • Food processing
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Recycling
  • Waste Reduction

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