US Duct and US Tubing

US Duct states their line is Ductwork Made Easy and it really is. They manufacture to order and are well versed in thinking creatively. Custom lengths and fabrications are welcome plus they are happy to use your design or create one for you based on your specs.

Manufactured in the US, their average order turnaround time is seven to ten business days (depending on volume and current production schedule.) US Duct / US Tubing offers three styles for you to choose the best duct or modular tubing for your application:

*Standard rolled lip, clamp-together duct

*Available in 3” to 24” diameters in galvanized and stainless steel in standard 26Ga to 20Ga as well as heavy, up to 10Ga.

*Standard lengths are nominal 5’ and they offer an 11” adjustable sleeve to create a system that    is infinitely adjustable using the sleeve, O-rings and the collars of every fitting (branches, elbows, reducers, and more.)


*Flanged Duct (angle rings) with two construction methods  

*Vanstone (a technique where a flange is used to mate 90-degree lips turned onto the duct component.) This process involves the flange being placed onto the pipe, the lip turned back and then the flange can be spun to mate to the next pipe-duct lips mated.

This is also called loose flange.

*Welded (in this process the flanges are welded to the duct and the faces of the flanges become the mating surface.) The flanges can be fully welded (a continuous weld) or intermittently welded (there is a weld on intervals around the duct.)

*Available in black iron, galvanized, or stainless steel – with or without bolt holes, these can attach to duct 3” and up.  Flanges/angle rings sold separately from duct. This is made in lighter gauges to very heavy gauge such as ¼.”

*Vanstone Edge from US Tubing

            *Airtight, leak-free, clamp-connection provides the “Ultimate Seal.”  

            *Modular, laser-welded, clamp and V-gasket system results in a turned-out lip on each

            end. The V-shaped gasket fits over one lip at each joint and the connection is secured by

            their adjustable clamp. When tightened, the gasket is compressed between the tube

            edges, creating an airtight seal.

*Vanstone Edge tubing is available in 4” to 18” diameters in standard nominal 5’ lengths.  Tubing and components are available in lite and heavy gauges from 22 to 16. The turned-out lip is approximately 5/16.”

US Duct / US Tubing also offers performance products like silencers, viewing spools, butterfly valves, automatic gates, diverters, oil mist separators, and more.

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